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About Varied / Hobbyist Jessi DeBuhrFemale/United States Groups :iconhelpinghands-4japan: helpinghands-4japan
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this is my gallery of amazing artwork I am proud of myself for drawing the pictures in this gallery :iconyea-plz:


this is all the pictures I have favorited from the great Artists on Deviantart they have amazing artwork =D

and also more of a character obsession too :icononionxdplz:



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hey everyone, I've been very inactive on Deviantart; and the reason for this is because I'm way more active on my Tumblr and have put new artwork up there instead; and sorry I haven't put them on here because honestly >_>; I'm kinda embarrassed to put them on here....but anyway I'm sorry if I've caused anyone to worry about me ^^;
  • Listening to: Vocaloid Music
  • Reading: Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass
  • Watching: Smash bros Wii U/3DS stuff
  • Playing: Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U, Hatsune Miku PJD F/F 2nd


Jessi DeBuhr
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear I Accept stamp by AwesomebyAccident Sonic Fangirl Territory Stamp by LightningChaos2010 SONIC GALLERY by ScittyKitty Proud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather Sora by Ellexon STAMP-Sonic 016 by NoNamepje Silver The Hedgehog Stamp by Kevfin Rosalina Stamp by YunaSakura Sora Stamp by littlepolka sora stamp by finem Sonic is Cute :3 Stamp by LightningChaos2010 Fan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie I like all of Sonic's english voice actors by Marlenesstamps Sonic X Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid Sonic is my hero! by Marlenesstamps Proud Sonic fan by Marlenesstamps Romantic Stuff by MaruLovesStamps RU: STAMP games by SheirFaggot Sonic Generations Loading Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Wreck-It Ralph stamp by TheSharkMaster girl gamer stamp v1 by Jeff2psyco Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness I Love Animation Stamp by fear-the-brilliance DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics Stamp - Nintendo Forever by MariettaRC I love Underrated VGchar stamp by JigglyPuffGirl Pairings Stamp by fluffy-the-wolf Sonic is still Gold by HatakeMirukon Rainbow Kirby Stamp by hearttaco sonic fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehog :thumb107597019: :thumb300743396: girl gamers stamp by thechaosproject Luigi Stamp by xNintendoLuveer 648 - Meloetta by PokeStampsDex 595 - Joltik by PokeStampsDex 596 - Galvantula by PokeStampsDex Darkrai Stamp by ice-fire Black - White Stamp by Reshidove TF fan stamp by AkuOreo Luigi is WIN. by Nora-niichan Luigi is the Reason by NorthboundFox STAMP-Mario and Sonic 005 by NoNamepje That one green dude by cheesydud Luigi Addict Stamp by SugarJem :thumb158795847: Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie Shiny pokemon Stamp by Swamperts Pokemon: Bachuru stamp by MonochromePixel Female Gamer and Artist by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Pokemon Nerdism by Ahnyks i :heart: crossovers by naruto-fan-girl17 Stamp - Ice Kirby by Blueeyedrat Kirby Fan Stamp by toki28 Sonic Unleashed Stamp by MasterGallade Sonic Unleashed Stamp by Dbzbabe :thumb96058026: I love werehog stamp by jayfoxfire I Love Sonic Badges 2 by darkfailure I Love Sonic Badges - Request by darkfailure :thumb144863440: sora. by Tbearmn22 Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Vanitas stamp by xselfdestructive Kingdom hearts Fan by Deedeekinz Crossover Addict Stamp by TwinEnigma OCxCanon Support Stamp by TrainerKelly I RP Crossovers Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Sonic and Mario Stamp by sonicinterface :thumb171815855: Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi Yoko Shimomura Stamp by nakashimariku Sonic Colours - Not a Rip-off by Vertekins Love Digimon and Pokemon Stamp by Mysticom Kirby Powers Stamp by nakashimariku Brawl Stamp by mushir Pro Archie Sonic Comic stamp by Beau-Skunk Sonic Fan Stamp by Penton Kingdom Hearts Stamp by halofarm Jungle Emperor + Lion King by Nyaasu Gender is Unimportant by Nyaasu Stamp - I love singing alone by BlueHunter :thumb260626081: Stamp- Dragon User by LtJJFalcon Girl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic KH Purity Stamp by RoxyRoo Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by aquaharp I love Snow by mceric Dragon Trio +Pokemon+ - Stamp by CometTheMicroraptor Unrealistic Graphics in Games by ditto9 Deino Stamp by ToxicRainbowCupcakes 633 - Deino by Marlenesstamps I Love Sonic Badges - Request by darkfailure I Love SEGA badge by darkfailure CAPCOM STAMP by neocargalpha Nintendo Stamp by Whore-Eater Support the Pokeman Games by zafara1222 Mr. L Stamp by NateFox Luigi is Win STAMP by FJLink Mr. L Addict Stamp by SugarJem 'The Green Thunder' by Sunshinylisee Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagi Vocaloid Stamp by maxari4 Project Mirai Vocaloid Stamp by hissatsugirl VOCALOID stamp by Demire Project Diva:  Transformation by azianwolfdoll Purple Frenzy stamp by LeatherRuffian Violet Void stamp by LeatherRuffian Tails Doll Stamp by carrehz Froslass Stamp by Cyanide-Tea 487 - Giratina Altered Forme by Marlenesstamps 487 - Giratina Origin Forme by Marlenesstamps 492 - Shaymin Land Forme by Marlenesstamps 492 - Shaymin Sky Forme by Marlenesstamps 648 - Meloetta Aria Forme by Marlenesstamps 648 - Meloetta Pirouette Forme by Marlenesstamps 621 - Druddigon by Marlenesstamps Legendary Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter Chillest Pokemon Parade by The-Emerald-Otter Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter For the Bird Pokemon by The-Emerald-Otter Who Let the Dog Pokemon Out by The-Emerald-Otter Afraid of the Dark Types? by The-Emerald-Otter A Haunting Pokemon Parade by The-Emerald-Otter Steel Yourself for this Pokemon Parade by The-Emerald-Otter Parade of Dragons Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12 Raise your hand... by Crystal-Artist 123 - Scyther by PokeStampsDex Sonic Stamp by CriWolfy :thumb177674804: :thumb279041863: Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Vanitas by Ellexon Archen Stamp by Torotix 566 - Archen by PokeStampsDex Old and New Consoles by DennyVuQuach I Love All Pokemon Stamp by KawaiiChan789 Real Pokemon fans don't bitch by KooboriSapphire Riolu Stamp 4 by NoNamepje Sonic Team/SEGA Stamp by Super-Hedgehog 491 - Darkrai by Marlenesstamps Anti Sonadow Stamp by Mephilez :Stamp: Anti-Recolors by RaveLegend Sonic Rocks Out Stamp by Fuzon-S Sonic Shuffle Dance Stamp by Fuzon-S Mother by Suko-chan Genius-Stamp by luna212 Sports Fail with Bowser by Metadream I Support ART by AnonIhmus Stamp: Fanart is my Drug by DigitalFlareon :thumb261893272: Shugo chara stamp by RuukuxP Pokemon Stamp by RuukuxP Lucky Star Stamp by RuukuxP Princess Tutu Stamp by Naaya-Neko Support the Pokeman Games by zafara1222 BlackWarGreymon Stamp by shadowmonkeybaby :thumb175476189: .: Gizamimi Love Stamp by ShadowcatKirara Squeaky Clean Shadow Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Blaze Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Knux Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Sonic Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Tails Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Silver Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Amy Rose fanstamp by Gryphon-HB Luigi Stamp by mushir Luigi's Mansion Fan Stamp. by Rock-Raider Canine Pokemon Stamp by AniuProserpina Bird Pokemon stamp by AniuProserpina :thumb111539694: 646 - Kyurem by Marlenesstamps White Kyurem by Marlenesstamps Black Kyurem by Marlenesstamps 495 - Snivy by Marlenesstamps 540 - Sewaddle by Marlenesstamps 543 - Venipede by Marlenesstamps 547 - Whimsicott by Marlenesstamps 549 - Lilligant by Marlenesstamps 556 - Maractus by Marlenesstamps 566 - Archen by Marlenesstamps 570 - Zorua by Marlenesstamps 571 - Zoroark by Marlenesstamps 587 - Emolga by Marlenesstamps 595 - Joltik by Marlenesstamps 596 - Glavantula by Marlenesstamps 607 - Litwick by Marlenesstamps 619 - Mienfoo by Marlenesstamps 620 - Mienshao by Marlenesstamps 631 - Heatmor by Marlenesstamps 636 - Larvesta by Marlenesstamps 387 - Turtwig by Marlenesstamps 410 - Shieldon by Marlenesstamps 418 - Buizel by Marlenesstamps 421 - Cherrim Sunshine by Marlenesstamps 422 - Shellos East by Marlenesstamps 425 - Drifloon by Marlenesstamps 429 - Mismagius by Marlenesstamps 443 - Gible by Marlenesstamps 447 - Riolu by Marlenesstamps 448 - Lucario by Marlenesstamps 451 - Skorupi by Marlenesstamps 459 - Snover by Marlenesstamps 471 - Glaceon by Marlenesstamps 475 - Gallade by Marlenesstamps 477 - Dusknoir by Marlenesstamps 478 - Froslass by Marlenesstamps 483 - Dialga by Marlenesstamps 252 - Treecko by Marlenesstamps 281 - Kirlia by Marlenesstamps 282 - Gardevoir by Marlenesstamps 303 - Mawile by Marlenesstamps 304 - Aron by Marlenesstamps 306 - Aggron by Marlenesstamps 310 - Manectric by Marlenesstamps 318 - Carvanha by Marlenesstamps 319 - Sharpedo by Marlenesstamps 328 - Trapinch by Marlenesstamps 330 - Flygon by Marlenesstamps 347 - Anorith by Marlenesstamps 350 - Milotic by Marlenesstamps 353 - Shuppet by Marlenesstamps 354 - Banette by Marlenesstamps 355 - Duskull by Marlenesstamps 359 - Absol by Marlenesstamps 361 - Snorunt by Marlenesstamps 371 - Bagon by Marlenesstamps 373 - Salamence by Marlenesstamps 380 - Latias by Marlenesstamps 381 - Latios by Marlenesstamps 385 - Jirachi by Marlenesstamps 158 - Totodile by Marlenesstamps 167 - Spinarak by Marlenesstamps 168 - Ariados by Marlenesstamps 175 - Togepi by Marlenesstamps 182 - Bellossom by Marlenesstamps 193 - Yanma by Marlenesstamps 200 - Misdreavus by Marlenesstamps 207 - Gligar by Marlenesstamps 212 - Scizor by Marlenesstamps 218 - Slugma by Marlenesstamps 219 - Magcargo by Marlenesstamps 227 - Skarmory by Marlenesstamps 246 - Larvitar by Marlenesstamps 248 - Tyranitar by Marlenesstamps 249 - Lugia by Marlenesstamps 251 - Celebi by Marlenesstamps 001 - Bulbasaur by Marlenesstamps 004 - Charmander by Marlenesstamps 010 - Caterpie by Marlenesstamps 013 - Weedle by Marlenesstamps 023 - Ekans by Marlenesstamps 024 - Arbok by Marlenesstamps 025 - Pikachu by Marlenesstamps 026 - Raichu by Marlenesstamps 027 - Sandshrew by Marlenesstamps 028 - Sandslash by Marlenesstamps 031 - Nidoqueen by Marlenesstamps 034 - Nidoking by Marlenesstamps 041 - Zubat by Marlenesstamps 058 - Growlithe by Marlenesstamps 059 - Arcanine by Marlenesstamps 072 - Tentacool by Marlenesstamps 073 - Tentacruel by Marlenesstamps 076 - Golem by Marlenesstamps 093 - Haunter by Marlenesstamps 104 - Cubone by Marlenesstamps 112 - Rhydon by Marlenesstamps 123 - Scyther by Marlenesstamps 129 - Magikarp by Marlenesstamps 130 - Gyarados by Marlenesstamps 131 - Lapras by Marlenesstamps 132 - Ditto by Marlenesstamps 137 - Porygon by Marlenesstamps 138 - Omanyte by Marlenesstamps 140 - Kabuto by Marlenesstamps 141 - Kabutops by Marlenesstamps 147 - Dratini by Marlenesstamps 148 - Dragonair by Marlenesstamps 149 - dragonite by Marlenesstamps Voc-Alice Human Sacrifice -Mei by Gilligan-Stamps Voc- Alice Human Sacrifice -K- by Gilligan-Stamps Voc- Alice Human Sacrifice -M- by Gilligan-Stamps Voc- Alice Human Sacrifice -RL by Gilligan-Stamps

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