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this is my gallery of amazing artwork I am proud of myself for drawing the pictures in this gallery :iconyea-plz:


this is all the pictures I have favorited from the great Artists on Deviantart they have amazing artwork =D

and also more of a character obsession too :icononionxdplz:




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So I've got some good news and bad news....

So the bad news is my dog got ahold of my pen tablet pen and chewed it up to the point where it's not working properly so I can't make any new digital artwork till I get it replaced, so any new art from me will be only traditional....


The good news is....I bought myself Smash 3DS yesterday! It's so much fun and I was wondering of anyone wanted to add me to their friend list so we can play together?  If you do here's my 3DS friend code

~Nintendo 3DS Friend Code~ 2964-9482-9839 ~Jessica~
  • Listening to: Vocaloid Music
  • Watching: Smash bros Wii U/3DS stuff
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros 3DS, Hatsune Miku Project Diva F


Jessi DeBuhr
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Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear I Love my 3DS- Legend of Zelda 3DS Limited Edition by Misskatt66I Accept stamp by AwesomebyAccident Sonic Fangirl Territory Stamp by LightningChaos2010 SONIC GALLERY by ScittyKitty Proud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather Sora by Ellexon STAMP-Sonic 016 by NoNamepje Silver The Hedgehog Stamp by Kevfin Rosalina Stamp by YunaSakura Sora Stamp by littlepolka sora stamp by finem Sonic is Cute :3 Stamp by LightningChaos2010 Fan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie I like all of Sonic's english voice actors by Marlenesstamps Sonic X Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid Sonic is my hero! by Marlenesstamps Proud Sonic fan by Marlenesstamps Romantic Stuff by MaruLovesStamps RU: STAMP games by SheirFaggot Sonic Generations Loading Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Wreck-It Ralph stamp by TheSharkGuy girl gamer stamp v1 by Jeff2psyco Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness I Love Animation Stamp by fear-the-brilliance DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics Stamp - Nintendo Forever by MariettaRC I love Underrated VGchar stamp by JigglyPuffGirl Pairings Stamp by fluffy-the-wolf Sonic is still Gold by HatakeMirukon Rainbow Kirby Stamp by hearttaco sonic fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehog :thumb107597019: :thumb300743396: girl gamers stamp by thechaosproject Luigi Stamp by xNintendoLuveer 648 - Meloetta by PokeStampsDex 595 - Joltik by PokeStampsDex 596 - Galvantula by PokeStampsDex Darkrai Stamp by ice-fire Black - White Stamp by Reshidove TF fan stamp by AkuOreo Luigi is WIN. by Nora-niichan Luigi is the Reason by NorthboundFox STAMP-Mario and Sonic 005 by NoNamepje That one green dude by cheesydud Luigi Addict Stamp by SugarJem :thumb158795847: Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie Shiny pokemon Stamp by Swamperts Pokemon: Bachuru stamp by MonochromePixel Female Gamer and Artist by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Pokemon Nerdism by Ahnyks i :heart: crossovers by naruto-fan-girl17 Stamp - Ice Kirby by Blueeyedrat Kirby Fan Stamp by toki28 Sonic Unleashed Stamp by MasterGallade Sonic Unleashed Stamp by Dbzbabe :thumb96058026: I love werehog stamp by jayfoxfire I Love Sonic Badges 2 by darkfailure I Love Sonic Badges - Request by darkfailure :thumb144863440: sora. by Tbearmn22 Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Vanitas stamp by xselfdestructive Kingdom hearts Fan by Deedeekinz Crossover Addict Stamp by TwinEnigma OCxCanon Support Stamp by TrainerKelly I RP Crossovers Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Sonic and Mario Stamp by sonicinterface :thumb171815855: Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi Yoko Shimomura Stamp by nakashimariku Sonic Colours - Not a Rip-off by Vertekins Love Digimon and Pokemon Stamp by Mysticom Kirby Powers Stamp by nakashimariku Brawl Stamp by mushir Pro Archie Sonic Comic stamp by Beau-Skunk Sonic Fan Stamp by Penton Kingdom Hearts Stamp by halofarm Jungle Emperor + Lion King by Nyaasu Gender is Unimportant by Nyaasu Stamp - I love singing alone by BlueHunter :thumb260626081: Stamp- Dragon User by LtJJFalcon Girl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic KH Purity Stamp by RoxyRoo Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by aquaharp I love Snow by mceric Dragon Trio +Pokemon+ - Stamp by CometTheMicroraptor Unrealistic Graphics in Games by ditto9 Deino Stamp by ToxicRainbowCupcakes 633 - Deino by Marlenesstamps I Love Sonic Badges - Request by darkfailure I Love SEGA badge by darkfailure CAPCOM STAMP by neocargalpha Nintendo Stamp by Whore-Eater Support the Pokeman Games by zafara1222 Mr. L Stamp by NateFox Luigi is Win STAMP by FJLink Mr. L Addict Stamp by SugarJem "The Green Thunder" by Sunshinylisee Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagi Vocaloid Stamp by maxari4 Project Mirai Vocaloid Stamp by hissatsugirl VOCALOID stamp by Demire Project Diva:  Transformation by azianwolfdoll Purple Frenzy stamp by NextGenProject Violet Void stamp by NextGenProject Tails Doll Stamp by carrehz Froslass Stamp by Cyanide-Tea 487 - Giratina Altered Forme by Marlenesstamps 487 - Giratina Origin Forme by Marlenesstamps 492 - Shaymin Land Forme by Marlenesstamps 492 - Shaymin Sky Forme by Marlenesstamps 648 - Meloetta Aria Forme by Marlenesstamps 648 - Meloetta Pirouette Forme by Marlenesstamps 621 - Druddigon by Marlenesstamps Legendary Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter Chillest Pokemon Parade by The-Emerald-Otter Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter For the Bird Pokemon by The-Emerald-Otter Who Let the Dog Pokemon Out by The-Emerald-Otter Afraid of the Dark Types? by The-Emerald-Otter A Haunting Pokemon Parade by The-Emerald-Otter Steel Yourself for this Pokemon Parade by The-Emerald-Otter Parade of Dragons Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12 Raise your hand... by Crystal-Artist 123 - Scyther by PokeStampsDex Sonic Stamp by CriWolfy :thumb177674804: :thumb279041863: Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Vanitas by Ellexon Archen Stamp by Torotix 566 - Archen by PokeStampsDex Old and New Consoles by DennyVuQuach I Love All Pokemon Stamp by KawaiiChan789 Real Pokemon fans don't bitch by KooboriSapphire Riolu Stamp 4 by NoNamepje Sonic Team/SEGA Stamp by Super-Hedgehog 491 - Darkrai by Marlenesstamps Anti Sonadow Stamp by Mephilez :Stamp: Anti-Recolors by RaveLegend Sonic Rocks Out Stamp by Fuzon-S Sonic Shuffle Dance Stamp by Fuzon-S Mother by Suko-chan Genius-Stamp by luna212 Sports Fail with Bowser by Metadream I Support ART by AnonIhmus Stamp: Fanart is my Drug by DigitalFlareon :thumb261893272: Shugo chara stamp by RuukuxP Pokemon Stamp by RuukuxP Lucky Star Stamp by RuukuxP Princess Tutu Stamp by Naaya-Neko Support the Pokeman Games by zafara1222 BlackWarGreymon Stamp by shadowmonkeybaby :thumb175476189: .: Gizamimi Love Stamp by ShadowcatKirara Squeaky Clean Shadow Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Blaze Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Knux Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Sonic Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Tails Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Squeaky Clean Silver Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Amy Rose fanstamp by Gryphon-HB Luigi Stamp by mushir Luigi's Mansion Fan Stamp. by Rock-Raider Canine Pokemon Stamp by AniuProserpina Bird Pokemon stamp by AniuProserpina :thumb111539694: 646 - Kyurem by Marlenesstamps White Kyurem by Marlenesstamps Black Kyurem by Marlenesstamps 495 - Snivy by Marlenesstamps 540 - Sewaddle by Marlenesstamps 543 - Venipede by Marlenesstamps 547 - Whimsicott by Marlenesstamps 549 - Lilligant by Marlenesstamps 556 - Maractus by Marlenesstamps 566 - Archen by Marlenesstamps 570 - Zorua by Marlenesstamps 571 - Zoroark by Marlenesstamps 587 - Emolga by Marlenesstamps 595 - Joltik by Marlenesstamps 596 - Glavantula by Marlenesstamps 607 - Litwick by Marlenesstamps 619 - Mienfoo by Marlenesstamps 620 - Mienshao by Marlenesstamps 631 - Heatmor by Marlenesstamps 636 - Larvesta by Marlenesstamps 387 - Turtwig by Marlenesstamps 410 - Shieldon by Marlenesstamps 418 - Buizel by Marlenesstamps 421 - Cherrim Sunshine by Marlenesstamps 422 - Shellos East by Marlenesstamps 425 - Drifloon by Marlenesstamps 429 - Mismagius by Marlenesstamps 443 - Gible by Marlenesstamps 447 - Riolu by Marlenesstamps 448 - Lucario by Marlenesstamps 451 - Skorupi by Marlenesstamps 459 - Snover by Marlenesstamps 471 - Glaceon by Marlenesstamps 475 - Gallade by Marlenesstamps 477 - Dusknoir by Marlenesstamps 478 - Froslass by Marlenesstamps 483 - Dialga by Marlenesstamps 252 - Treecko by Marlenesstamps 281 - Kirlia by Marlenesstamps 282 - Gardevoir by Marlenesstamps 303 - Mawile by Marlenesstamps 304 - Aron by Marlenesstamps 306 - Aggron by Marlenesstamps 310 - Manectric by Marlenesstamps 318 - Carvanha by Marlenesstamps 319 - Sharpedo by Marlenesstamps 328 - Trapinch by Marlenesstamps 330 - Flygon by Marlenesstamps 347 - Anorith by Marlenesstamps 350 - Milotic by Marlenesstamps 353 - Shuppet by Marlenesstamps 354 - Banette by Marlenesstamps 355 - Duskull by Marlenesstamps 359 - Absol by Marlenesstamps 361 - Snorunt by Marlenesstamps 371 - Bagon by Marlenesstamps 373 - Salamence by Marlenesstamps 380 - Latias by Marlenesstamps 381 - Latios by Marlenesstamps 385 - Jirachi by Marlenesstamps 158 - Totodile by Marlenesstamps 167 - Spinarak by Marlenesstamps 168 - Ariados by Marlenesstamps 175 - Togepi by Marlenesstamps 182 - Bellossom by Marlenesstamps 193 - Yanma by Marlenesstamps 200 - Misdreavus by Marlenesstamps 207 - Gligar by Marlenesstamps 212 - Scizor by Marlenesstamps 218 - Slugma by Marlenesstamps 219 - Magcargo by Marlenesstamps 227 - Skarmory by Marlenesstamps 246 - Larvitar by Marlenesstamps 248 - Tyranitar by Marlenesstamps 249 - Lugia by Marlenesstamps 251 - Celebi by Marlenesstamps 001 - Bulbasaur by Marlenesstamps 004 - Charmander by Marlenesstamps 010 - Caterpie by Marlenesstamps 013 - Weedle by Marlenesstamps 023 - Ekans by Marlenesstamps 024 - Arbok by Marlenesstamps 025 - Pikachu by Marlenesstamps 026 - Raichu by Marlenesstamps 027 - Sandshrew by Marlenesstamps 028 - Sandslash by Marlenesstamps 031 - Nidoqueen by Marlenesstamps 034 - Nidoking by Marlenesstamps 041 - Zubat by Marlenesstamps 058 - Growlithe by Marlenesstamps 059 - Arcanine by Marlenesstamps 072 - Tentacool by Marlenesstamps 073 - Tentacruel by Marlenesstamps 076 - Golem by Marlenesstamps 093 - Haunter by Marlenesstamps 104 - Cubone by Marlenesstamps 112 - Rhydon by Marlenesstamps 123 - Scyther by Marlenesstamps 129 - Magikarp by Marlenesstamps 130 - Gyarados by Marlenesstamps 131 - Lapras by Marlenesstamps 132 - Ditto by Marlenesstamps 137 - Porygon by Marlenesstamps 138 - Omanyte by Marlenesstamps 140 - Kabuto by Marlenesstamps 141 - Kabutops by Marlenesstamps 147 - Dratini by Marlenesstamps 148 - Dragonair by Marlenesstamps 149 - dragonite by Marlenesstamps Voc-Alice Human Sacrifice -Mei by Gilligan-Stamps Voc- Alice Human Sacrifice -K- by Gilligan-Stamps Voc- Alice Human Sacrifice -M- by Gilligan-Stamps Voc- Alice Human Sacrifice -RL by Gilligan-Stamps

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